Your Community Cinema needs you to vote

We have applied for funding from £eith Chooses to complete our downstairs accessible screening room. Please help us secure the funding for this by voting in £eith Chooses.

In our category there are 26 projects each looking for a maximum of £5K each from a budget of £44,000. This is why your vote is vital to us as there as just around a third of the projects that will be successful. Please help us to take our cinema to a new level.

Please also pass on the word to your family and friends who meet the criteria and would like to support this great initiative from Leith Community Cinema.

The Voting Process Closes on Saturday 17th March

Firstly you need to email the £eith Chooses team to request an access code to allow you to vote. You also need too provide the post code for your home address, your place of work or for the Church if you come under the category of volunteer. The Church post code is EH6 5AH. It will take up to 48 hours for this code to be sent to you so please act now and request your code!

Once you have your access code you are then able to place your vote via the £eith Chooses website, see the link below. You have four votes per category and can only place one vote per project. Look out for us, we are in the Medium Grants Category along with many other worthwhile projects so please take your time to review before placing your four valuable votes.

We look forward to your support and will be in touch once we know the outcome.