Why Community Cinema

Community Cinema is supported by Inspiring Leith; who work with people in Leith, supporting the development of great community initiatives which bring people together.

Gordon from Inspiring Leith recently wrote:

Over the last months, we’ve been supporting the development of Community Cinema at Pilrig St Pauls church. Recent showings have included ‘night at the museum 3’ and Paddington.

The events have been full of fun, laughter, chat, and more recently, the opportunity for folk to stay on for the new Community Café which volunteers linked with the church have run. So far, the youngest person involved was 3 weeks old, and the oldest, potentially upwards of 70 (I didn’t ask).

As with all of our Inspiring Leith work, we’re simply bringing people together around a shared skill or interest, building on their strengths and ‘doing community’.

The addition of the community café has really added to this; moving the events from a place of just watching a film, to somewhere to sit and chat, get to know others, and share a bit of life together.

I’m looking forward to continuing supporting the group of local people who are increasingly running these events, and seeing the impact this simple but effective activity has as it offers a space for people to watch a film, eat some food, be included, and participate in local community life. Who knows where it might lead? When people get together, good things happen.