Pop Up Scotland Collaboration – Pretty Persistent

Pop Up Scotland Collaboration – Pretty Persistent

Friday 21st April at 7pm. Doors open at 6.30pm.

Tickets £5 to be paid on arrival.

We are delighted to be joined, once again, by The Scottish born unDependence Film Festival. unDependence is a thematic festival that aims to open up independent and arthouse film to a wider audience. The festival is now entering its third year and is not just about exploring obscure avant garde film or making anarchical political statements. Instead, it’s a platform for creativity, both in the films themselves and in our interactive program of workshops, talks, and screenings. The festival showcases a mixture of creative, independent films from all over the world which might lack blockbuster budgets but which exemplify great craftsmanship, storytelling, and cinematography.

We are about more than just screening films, we aim to generate a creative community by hosting a series of filmmaking workshops, talks and Q&As to promote audience engagement. So come along to our exclusive Leith Community Cinema event that is part of our Film Festival 2017.

Pretty Persistent

Think of our Friday night programme as a moment of catharsis, these images and stories will set off a detonation and blow those feelings of stress sky high. A blank screen, on it appears one dot, and a line. In the film ‘Any Exit’, that is all it takes to communicate the all too familiar feelings of anxiety and depression. Powering on in times of adversity can be hard, pushing up against the pressures around us can leave us exhausted, but by the end of the evening we are revived.

Over Pressure – Germany – Sebastian Binder
Any Exit – Germany – Irina Karelina
Tilda – Germany – Katja Benrath
Where to, Miss? – Germany – Manuela Bastian

Our Community Cafe will be open from 6.30pm serving hot drinks, savoury snacks and cold refreshements. You can also enjoy the Valentia Gin tasting or bring your own bottle.

Venue – Pilrig St. Paul’s Church, 1B Pilrig Street, Leith EH6 5AH

Leith Community Cinema is a linkup activity with Inspiring Leith hosted by Bethany Christian Trust and Pilrig St Paul’s Church (SC 007277)